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Meet the President/Founder


Dalkesha Bryant, MHS, is an education specialist, development coach, motivational speaker, and author, from Cincinnati, Ohio. She was raised by her mother, in a low-income neighborhood and faced many challenging barriers. However, Dalkesha aspired to be greater than the chaos within her community. It was only a matter of time before she found her niche in counseling and education, and once she did, it became the source of her success.

Dalkesha attended Wright State University, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Later, she obtained her master’s degree in Human Service Counseling from Liberty University. While pursuing her master’s degree, she was offered a contract with a charter school, 

to teach career development elective courses. Her time at the school sparked a love for education in a way she had never experienced before. She went on to teach for five more years, at various schools within the city, both secondary to post-secondary institutions. While teaching, she noticed a severe disconnect between students and teachers (administration as well). This fueled the need for her create Reflections of Greatness, LLC. Reflections of Greatness, LLC (established in 2017), is an educational development company that focuses on bridging the gap between students and teachers by providing innovative curriculums, teacher development trainings, tutoring services, classroom effectiveness strategies, and student career readiness courses.

Dalkesha is currently working on her doctorate in education (EdD.) while simultaneously fighting to re-establish a better school system for our children. As an advocate for the youth, her motto is “connections before lessons”. She believes the best educational outcomes occur when students have positive, trusting relationships with those they are learning from.

There is a famous quote by Rene' Descartes that states, "I think; therefore, I am." This is a quote I have grown to live by. I started referring to myself as a business owner well before I ever became one. Always remember, you are not a product of your environment. You are a product of your thoughts. Therefore, change your mindset and you will ultimately change your life.



 - Dalkesha Bryant 
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