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What Does R.O.G Offer?

As a learning and development center, we offer our clients a variety of services and courses to help them reach their desired level of success. Are you a student struggling academically? Does your organization need help with an educational program? Are you looking for guidance on your career journey? Does your school need help implementing SEL /job readiness skills into the classrooms? If any of these questions sound familiar, then you are in the right place. Let us help! Reflections of Greatness, LLC has an extensive clientele that consists of individual families, organizations, and schools throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. For more information about what we offer please fill out the contact form or feel free to call us directly at 513-338-9176. ,

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  • Private Tutoring

  • Curriculum Writing/Development

  • Resume Writing

  • Parent/Child Coaching

  • Academic Development Plans 

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  • Job Readiness Skills (teens/young adults)

  • Professional Development (adults) 

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) 

  • Conflict Resolution


I am a very reserved person, and I do not like to talk about things that bother me. However, Ms. Bryant was able to work around my self-constructed walls, to uncover my innermost struggles and fears. More importantly, she tackled this major task with the high level of patience, compassion, and persistence. She gained my trust and walked with me through my healing. I will be forever grateful. Brandi, Ohio

Although I am a new client, I really enjoy my sessions. Working directly with the CEO of Reflections of Greatness I've been able to learn new ways of thinking and valuable tools to be successful in life. Also learning how to set small goals for myself one day at a time. Miss Dalkesha Bryant is a pleasure to work with she's very relatable, professional and is willing to work with you. Carmella, Ohio

I give Dalkesha's coaching services 5 stars. Kurt, Ohio

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